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"Stranded on the Moon, High on Blur, and Watching World War 3 Destroy the Earth"
Funding for the International Moon Base had hit an all-time low. 
Though it was long his childhood dream to live upon the moon, the missions have become longer, rations and supplies scarcer, and a quirk in the rotations schedule has left him alone upon the moon for the last 8 months.  
He’s now nothing more than a glorified caretaker of an expensive relic that no one wants to pay for.
To pass the time, he has developed a strong addiction to “Blur”— an opiate-like hallucinogen administered through an eye dropper that creates warm soothing visions for hours a dose. 
He rationalizes his addiction by telling himself that the drug causes him to breathe less of the air supply, and eat less food… which are both true, but only helps obscure the lie. 
Month after month, the scheduled date to bring him back to Earth is pushed out further into the future as a tense political climate back home has made him a low priority.  8 months in solitude on the moon become 12, and then 16.  In month 18, World War 3 erupts across the globe.
He watches the bombs destroy everything he once loved all through the blissful haze of Blur induced visions.  The indescribable mix of sheer horror and pleasure will haunt him for the rest of his days. 
By month 34, he is the last human in the galaxy.
(Starring the Timetraveler Ki! Click here to download his new song “Nebula” on iTunes)
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Tattooed circus family, mother and children c1965

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Types of Matter


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willy wonka and I are one

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this is almost every single possible reaction omf


but can we talk about the lady in the fourth gif whose startle response is to drop into a fighting stance

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